Village Hall

Welcome to the Village Hall! Here, you can find information on your Village Council members plus detailed descriptions of the different Village Boards and their members.

Please contact the appropriate organization for more information. 
  1. Mayor

    See what the mayor of the Village of Richfield has to share with their constituents.

  2. Village Council

    Access more information about the Village Council of Richfield.

  3. Boards & Commissions

    Review the boards and commissions of the Village of Richfield.

  4. Codified Ordinances/Legislation

    Stay up to date with the Codified Ordinances of the previous years and the Codified Ordinances passed since the annual codification.

  5. Employment Opportunities

    Check out the employment opportunities available with the Village of Richfield.

  6. Engineer

    View helpful information about the engineer employed by the Village of Richfield.

  7. Law Director

    Learn more about the Law Director for the Village of Richfield.

  8. Richfield Joint Recreation District

    Find out about about the Richfield Joint Recreation District's mission and more.

  9. Staff Directory