Youth Programs

  1. Camp Richfield Day Camp

    Richfield All Day Summer Day Camp offers an opportunity for children to actively enjoy all summer has to offer.

  2. Track and Field Summer Camp

    Join us for track and field training by Dash Sports Training!

  3. Challenger Sports Soccer Camp

    Over the last 20 years Challenger's vast army of British coaches have helped hundreds of thousands of boys and girls learn, improve, master and fall in love with the sport of "soccer"

  4. Cheer Camp

    Join us for Cheer Camp 2017!

  5. Archery

    Archery for adults and the whole family!

  6. Hooked on Fishing

    Come and enjoy the excitement of the catch!

  7. Hummingbird Soccer Spring & Summer Programs

    3 to 6 year olds have fun and learn the basics of soccer at the Hummingbird Soccer program.

  1. Little Medical

    Explore the world of medicine!

  2. Magical Butterflies

    Join Miss Ellen for our new Magical Butterfly class which is not only open to children but to the whole family.

  3. Miss Ruth's Tea Party

    Come join Miss Ruth for a tea party!

  4. Music Lessons

    Learn how to play the guitar, piano, or ukulele in the comfort of our recreation center!

  5. Photography Camp

    Photography Camp from July 24 - 28, 2017.

  6. Safe Sitter

    Safe Sitter is an up to date and well rounded youth development program with a medical basis that teaches young teens safety skills to keep them safe now and in the future.

  7. Tae Kwon Do - Mountain Martial Arts

    Come and learn the ancient discipline that martial arts offers along with the physical benefits we are all searching for.

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