Better Ways to Eating

Better Ways to Eating: a Nutrition Series With the Mustard Market Cafe

Please join Abraham Nabors, 2nd Generation Owner of Mustard Seed Market and Café in our new eye opening nutrition series! Abraham will be conducting two lectures and two hands-on cooking classes for the whole family. Attend one class or all! Registration is required as soon as possible, because class sizes may be limited and shopping lists need to be prepared!

Session 4 - The State of Our Food: GMO vs Natural (Lecture)

In this State of the Union-like speech we'll avoid talking about politics but instead address the state of our food. 
Learn about changes in how we grow and now 'create' food; where food comes from today and the difference in health attributes over history. Gain knowledge of how the rise of artificial and genetically modified food has changed America and why Abraham champions avoiding them.