Memorial Day 2018

Memorial Day 2018

Good morning and thank you all for attending. Eleanor Roosevelt said, Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility.

With freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility means that you are held accountable for your actions and Freedom means, you make your own decisions, decide the work you do and what your day looks like. For our enlisted men and women, they fight for our freedoms each and every day, with responsibility. They have one goal: to keep our country safe. Safe from those who want to destroy our rights, privileges and freedom. They fight for our families. They fight for each other.  The United States of America is unique. WE ARE an exceptional country. Responsibility of how we behave is how we succeed and how we celebrate our freedoms, but, not without our military to protect us.

Richfield resident, Bud Sawchik knows what it means to fight for our freedoms as he served in the Navy during the Korean War, as do Bud’s brothers. Jack and Bill who served in WWII while younger brother Bill, served in the Korean War and three tours in Vietnam. Bud, the last living of his brothers interviewed recently by the Beacon Journal said about serving,  "It was a great experience, it was defending my country like my brothers did. I think we're a military family”. With freedom comes responsibility. 1.4 million Americans are serving our country now. Take a look around this cemetery and see how many of our residents served, who we honor today and each and every day. While we go about our business every day, it’s because of these very brave men and women that we can.

Let us honor our Richfield soldiers who served and did not return to their families, who gave the ultimate sacrifice and let us please give them a moment of silence:

Charles O. Harner

John Jenkins

Raymond Rauch

Robert Welch

William S. Huth

William R. Skowronski

John Tyrell

Robert L. Gilbert III

As we go through this day enjoying a picnic, time with family and friends or perhaps a walk in one of our beautiful parks, let us remember that we would not have this day without our brave soldiers. And please when you see a soldier or a Veteran, thank them.   God Bless our soldiers, our veterans, their families and God Bless the United States of America.