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Request House Check

  1. House Check Information / Requirements
    The maximum time frame for a watch or check is one month or 30 days. If you will be gone longer, it is your obligation to provide the police department with an updated form.

    If you will not be away from your home, explain in additional information box below why you are requesting a house check.

    Please provide us one weeks notice prior to your departure for you vacation / leave.
  2. No longer than 30 days from Departure Date
  3. Does your home have an alarm system?
  4. Will someone be checking the home while you are away?
  5. EC 1Relationship
  6. EC2 Relationship
  7. Does EC1 have a Key?
  8. Does EC2 have a key?
  9. Lights on in home?
  10. Location of lights:
    Describe other locations in following field.
  11. Color, make, model, license plate, etc.
  12. Color, make, model, license plate, etc.
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