Cemetery Board


The Cemetery Board serves as an advisor to the Mayor and Director of Public Service on the management, control and operation of all publicly-owned and/or publicly operated cemeteries and burial grounds located within the Village of Richfield.

The Cemetery Board as outlined in the Codified Ordinances Chapter 142 shall act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor, and the Director of Public Service concerning the operation and maintenance of the Village cemeteries. The Director of Public Service shall be responsible for the following duties related to the cemeteries:

  • Construction
  • Improvement
  • Inspection
  • Maintenance
  • Operation
  • Repair


  • Pat Healey, Vice Chair
    • Term expires: 2023
  • Bill Taylor, Secretary
    • Term expires: 2023
  • Pat Buckner
    • Term expires: 2024
  • Harold Scobie
    • Term expires: 2024
  • Vacant
    • Term expires: 2025
  • Vacant 
    • Term expires: 2025
  • Jeff Stoppenhagen,  Chair
    • Term expires: 2023
    • Council Representative


The Board consists of six electors of the Municipality and a member of Council who shall be appointed by the President of Council. The six electors shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall be confirmed by a majority vote of Council for staggered terms of three years each. In making the appointments, the Mayor shall appoint three Board members to represent the interests of the West Richfield Cemetery and three Board members to represent the interests of the Fairview Cemetery.

Taking Part

Residents interested in serving on the Cemetery Board can contact the Mayor at (330) 659-9201, ext. 222.

For More Information

The Board can be contacted by calling Service Director, Scott Waldemarson at (330) 659-9201, ext. 5.