Mayor's Court & Traffic Tickets

Mayor's Court and Traffic Tickets

Court Sessions

Richfield Mayor’s Court normally convenes every other Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. Late arrivals are not accepted after 4:00 p.m. The Court session is held inside Richfield Village Hall which is located at 4410 W. Streetsboro Rd., Richfield, OH 44286.

If you were issued a citation, your scheduled appearance date and time are found on the lower right corner of the citation. Your appearance is mandatory if the Police Officer has indicated personal appearance is required. Examples of violations requiring a personal appearance are listed on the back of your ticket. If in doubt whether a Court appearance is required or if the citation is waiverable, please contact the Clerk’s Office.

The Clerk's Office is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Your Ticket will be available to view online at the Richfield Village website three business days  after the day that that ticket was issued.  For example, if you received a citation on Monday, your ticket information will be available on Thursday. 

Please review your ticket online before calling the Clerk's Office with questions.  The Clerk will not have any ticket information until three business days have passed.  

Please do not call the Mayor's Office either with questions about your ticket or to make a payment.  The Mayor's Office has no ticket information nor can the Mayor's Office accept ticket payments.  Your call will be forwarded back to the Clerk.


If the citation is waiverable, you have the option of paying the fine instead of going to Court. Payment is due by Noon on your Court date.   To determine the amount you owe, you may either click the link below

or contact the Clerk’s Office. This information is not provided by the Police Officer, the Police Department, or the Mayor’s Office.  Payment can be made by cash, personal check, money order, or credit card. 

  • If paying by credit card, you may either pay online through the above link or by calling the Clerk’s Office. Please note that with a credit card payment, a 3.5% service fee is added on top of your fine. The minimum service fee is $0.50.  
  • If paying by mail, please sign the back of the citation and enclose it with your payment. Checks and money orders are made payable to “Richfield Mayor’s Court.” An NSF fee of $45.00 will be added to the court costs if a check is returned for insufficient funds.


The Court will consider a one-time continuance of your scheduled Court date. You must request a continuance in writing and complete a time waiver.  A time waiver is required before any continuance will be granted.  The Continuance Request/Time Waiver form is found in the below link.

Click here for Continuance Request Form .

Both the continuance request and time waiver must be received by the Clerk no later than Noon on the Monday prior to your Court date. Please return the completed forms to the Clerk’s Office either in person, by mail, by fax, or by email (PDF FORMAT ONLY). The Court will not accept a photograph of the paperwork. A one-time fee of $10.00 will be added to the court costs for the privilege of a continuance. The Clerk will notify you if your continuance request is granted.

Failure to Appear in Court and/or Failure to Pay the Citation

If you fail to appear in Court on your assigned arraignment date or fail to pay a waiverable fine by your arraignment date:

  • The Bureau of Motor Vehicles or your Home State will suspend your driver’s license;
  • The Bureau of Motor Vehicles will place a registration block on any vehicle you own. You will be unable to renew your plates or register another vehicle;
  • A warrant may be issued for your arrest. If a warrant is issued, a $50.00 additional fee will be added to the court costs.

If you have a driver’s license from a state other than Ohio, and fail to either appear in Court or pay your fine, the Ohio BMV will notify your Home State of your non-compliance. An additional fee of $15.00 will be added to the court costs.

The Ohio BMV and your Home State will not restore your driving privileges or release the registration block until your fine and court costs are paid in full and a release is received from Richfield Mayor’s Court.

Payment Plans

Under certain circumstances, the Court may permit you to enter into a Payment Plan that allows you to pay your fine over the next 60 days. The Payment Plan Agreement lists the consequences for failure to follow the payment schedule. There is an additional $15.00 fee added to the court costs for the privilege of having a Payment Plan.

Financial Responsibility

The State of Ohio requires that you provide proof of insurance to the Police Officer at the time of your offense. Proof of insurance is required on the vehicle you were driving on the date you were cited. If you did not show proof of insurance at the time of the traffic stop, you must either bring proof of insurance coverage to your Court appearance or enclose proof with your payment. You may also email your proof of insurance to the Clerk’s Office prior to your payment.

The Court is required to inform the Ohio BMV if you do not provide proof of insurance. Failure to show proof of insurance will result in suspension of your driver’s license and vehicle registration by the Ohio BMV. For more information, please visit the Ohio BMV website.

Cases Transferred to Akron Municipal Court

If you received your citation in Richfield Township, your case is automatically transferred to Akron Municipal Court. This information is noted on the bottom of your ticket. Once your case is transferred, the Clerk cannot answer any questions about your ticket.

Juvenile Cases

Richfield Mayor’s Court does not handle juvenile cases; these are automatically transferred to the Summit County Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court will send a notice to the juvenile defendant with a court date and time. 

Address Changes

You are responsible for informing the Clerk’s Office if you have changed your address while your case is pending. The Court is only required to send notices to a defendant’s last, best address on file. Usually this is the address you provided the Police Officer at the time of the stop. Accordingly, even if a Court notice is returned by the US Postal Service because you have since changed your address, you are deemed to have received the Court mailing.