Fire Department

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide to the citizens of Richfield, the best possible protection and services through relentless training and continued commitment to excellence.


The Richfield Fire Department was established in 1934 as a volunteer fire department and has progressed into a full-time department with 11 full-time and 21 part-time. The department provides both fire and emergency medical services.

2019 Strategic Plan: Executive Summary

A community-centered strategic planning process was used to create this strategic plan for the Richfield Fire Department. A cross-section of department members as well as external stakeholders from various community backgrounds worked collaboratively throughout the planning process. The Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association provided expertise in strategic planning and best practices in the fire service as well as serving as planning team facilitators.

The strategic planning process, which was conducted over two separate planning sessions, resulted in the development of seven specific goals. The final plan document identified key steps or critical tasks for implementing each of the goals, resources needed (e.g., financial and staff), as well as a timeline for completion. The individual(s) responsible for completing the critical tasks and managing goal success will be determined by department leadership as plan implementation progresses.

The developed goals were:

Goal 1: Develop and implement a comprehensive health and wellness program that addresses both physical and mental health needs of members.

Goal 2: Implement a comprehensive cancer prevention program that addresses on-scene and in-station exposures.

Goal 3: Evaluate current facilities, equipment and technology for effectiveness in meeting the operational, safety and health needs of the fire department.

Goal 4: Conduct a staffing analysis that examines the numbers and types of response equipment and staffing requirements that meets the needs of the community.

Goal 5: Analyze current fire department services to determine if they are still relevant and meeting community needs.

Goal 6: Explore collaborative opportunities including public and private partnerships to increase operational effectiveness while controlling costs.

Goal 7: Develop a plan to improve interoperability of equipment and technology to enhance response with other local and regional agencies.

Download a copy of the 2019 Strategic Plan.