Parks & Recreation

The Village of Richfield has entered into a partnership with Broadview Heights in the use of their Recreation Center.                       

Richfield Village residents can use the Broadview Heights recreation center.  Village residents will be charged the annual Broadview Heights resident fee and The Village of Richfield will subsidize the balance of the membership*.  

To participate in the program, you must obtain a voucher from the Mayors Office.  Proof of id and proof of village residency is required, then drop by the Broadview Heights Recreation center.

*Applies to annual memberships only.

Questions should be directed to: Laura Toth, Interim Park Director, or 330-659-9201 Ext. 234

Mission Statement

Provide recreational and leisure activities, facilities, and public spaces that create opportunities for health, fitness, relaxation, enjoyment, learning and community interaction.

Parks & Recreation Board

Parks and Recreation meetings are held on the first Monday of every month at 6:30 pm most meetings take place at Village Hall. Open to the public, we welcome all to attend! Visit our Parks and Recreation Board page for more up to date information.