Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to earn volunteer hours for school credit, senior final exam, or do you just want to help your community? We have many volunteer opportunities, for nearly everyone! Contact the Richfield Recreation Center and tell us what your interests are. There are always many opportunities throughout the Village of Richfield throughout the year!


We will be looking for Volunteers for the 2021 Camp Richfield Day Camp. 

Consider volunteering for next years camps and get your volunteer hours out of the way in the summer.

Volunteer application will be available in April 19, 2021

Download the Camp Richfield Volunteer Application here

Volunteer Health History Form

School Credit
The Recreation Center is need of many volunteers for our programs, and hours volunteered can be counted towards a volunteer's high school credit. All volunteers will receive a certificate specifying the hours of service they have performed for the Recreation Department.

For More Information
If you have any questions or concerns, please call the
 Recreation Center at 330-659-5818 or
   email: recreationdept@richfieldvillageohio.org