Temporary Signs

Information pertaining to Residential and Non-Residential Signs can be found in Chapter 1163 of the Planning and Zoning code.  Chapter 1163 also includes the requirements for permanent and temporary signs.  

Temporary Signs

A few points to call attention to include:

  • A Temporary Sign shall mean a sign that is designed to be used only temporarily and is not intended to be permanently attached to a building, a structure or permanently installed in the ground;
  • There shall be no more than one temporary or banner signs each not more than 30 square feet; and each sign shall have a maximum height of six feet above grade;
  • Each sign shall not be less than 15 feet from a road right-of-way except the Commission may permit signs less than 15 feet from a road right-of-way in CH-I and CH-II districts;
  • Signs shall be permitted for a maximum of 60 days each calendar year; 
  • Temporary signs that are created in order to announce a specific event shall be removed within seven days after the close of such event;
  • All temporary ground signs and banner signs except ideological signs shall be registered and de-registered with the Planning and Zoning Department,
  • There are no fees associated with registering/de-registering temporary signs; and
  • To register/de-register a temporary sign, complete a Temporary Sign application found in Helpful Documents.

Placement of temporary signs: 

  • Approval from the property owner is required prior erecting your temporary signs;
  • Temporary signs are not permitted in the Village right-of-way; 
  • Temporary signs are not permitted on Village owned property; and 
  • Temporary signs shall not be erected prior to receiving registration approval.

Helpful Documents