Explorers Program


As of October, 2021, this Explorer Post has been closed.  Please refer to the website link above for alternative locations.

Thank you.

The Bath-Richfield Explorer Post #2542 welcomes students from the Revere and Copley School systems as well as those students attending CVCC and Four Cities Compact (located at Barberton HS).  Students must be between the ages of 14-21 to enroll.

Members will attend bi-weekly Training/Meeting nights at either the Richfield or Bath Fire Departments.  The Training/Meeting nights consist of Hands-on and/or Lectures.  Members are invited to attend special trainings hosted by either the Richfield or Bath Fire Departments, such as Ice Rescue, Live Burns, Auto Extrication, to name a few.

The Post hosts a fundraiser Pancake Breakfast, at the Richfield Safety Forces Open House, annually in August, as well as making breakfast for the annual Richfield Firefighters 5K Trail Run/1-Mile Walk in early May.  The Post also assists at the annual Halloween Events at both the Richfield and Bath Fire Departments, and the Richfield Pictures with Santa event.  

Pittsburgh Fire Rescue & EMS Conference 2020

Pitt Fire & Rescue EMS 2

Pittsburgh Fire Rescue & EMS Conference 2020

Pitt Fire & Rescue EMS 1

Bath FD Halloween 2019


Ice Rescue Training


Training Burn


Bath FD Halloween 2019


Hose/Nozzle Technique


Gear Inspection

Gear Inspection

Search and Rescue Training

Search and Rescue

Pancake Breakfast