Crossroads District

The Village of Richfield’s Crossroads District is defined as the 550 acres intersected by Wheatley Road and Brecksville Road and bounded by I-271, I-77, and the southern boundary of parcels on the south side of Congress Parkway.

 While the Crossroads District Design Guidelines shall apply to all developments and improvements within the entire 550 acres defined above, the “South Wheatley” Area outlined below shall be a primary focal area for these guidelines. This district is defined as the area bounded by Brecksville Road on the west, Wheatley Road on the north, I-77 on the east, and the southern boundary of the FedEx property parcel on the south. The Village of Richfield intends for the architecture of this study area to be consistent with the surrounding development of the broader Crossroads District.

 The Village’s intent is to promote mixed-use development of the subject area with a focus towards corporate business development. Further, such development shall support a unified branding strategy to improve public awareness of the Village and its economic opportunities. The composition of building types in the South Wheatley District is intended to be largely dominated by office buildings, although some service-oriented uses (retail, hospitality, etc.) are also desired.

The Crossroads District Design Guidelines (CDDG) were approved by Planning Commission and adopted at the December 15, 2020 Council meeting. 

The Crossroads District Plan was formally created in June 2012 as a result of the efforts between the Connecting Communities Grant, Akron Metropolitan Area Transportation Study and Village of Richfield Administration.  The map below has been updated from the original 2012 Crossroads District Master to the 2019 Crossroads District Master Plan.  Click here to see the Crossroads District Wheatley Road focus area