Legislation for the Village comes in two types: resolutions and ordinances.  Resolutions are passed and action taken for items identified in the resolution. Ordinances are usually for Village action or rules.

Village Codified Ordinances

Annually the ordinances passed the preceding year, are codified into the Village Codified Ordinances printed copy. A copy of the Village Codified Ordinances is printed and available at the Council Clerk's office lobby.

Walter Drane Company

The Walter H. Drane Company codifies Village's Ordinances as well as the Traffic and General Offenses produced by the State of Ohio. Their online database allows searching within a municipality and across municipalities.

Previous Year Ordinances - Online Version

Access the current online version of the annually printed Village Codified Ordinances.

Codified Ordinances Passed Since Codification

To view the Ordinances that have been passed since the printing, visit our Codified Ordinances page.